Elmington Property Management is far from ordinary.
We settle for nothing less than awesome and we mean it.

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Elmington’s diversified talent of world-class multifamily leaders distinctly manages luxury new construction, A-C assets, LIHTC, and bond across eight states. With decades of exceptional experience and a terrifically talented team, we’ll challenge you to be different, inspire you to remember our name, and dare you to forget the ordinary.


Our creed? Think like an owner. Our cred? An undisputed track record of hands-on property, asset, and facilities management with a razor-sharp focus on maximizing revenues and reducing costs.

With Elmington, asset values are enhanced through mindful capital improvements and a focus on specific target markets. Our innovative (and irreplaceable) team brings their A-game to every property and asset we manage. And challenges? We gobble those up for breakfast.

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Meet OurV.I.Peeps

At Elmington Property Management, our V.I.Peeps serve your V.I.Property with the unstoppable loyalty of Superheroes — minus the burdensome capes. Consider them the Batman to your Gotham.

  • Cary Rosenblum


    C E.BRO
  • Ben Brewer


    Motivation Master.
  • Kerri Davis

    Chief Operating Officer

    The Woman, The Mastermind.
  • Dan Ford


    The Man, The Legend, The Danimal.
  • Brad Cather

    Vice President- Affordable Housing

    The Man of Letters.
  • Brienn Klahn

    Vice President- Support Services

    Financial Maven.
  • Jillian Anderson

    VP - Business Development

    The Client Whisperer.
  • Lindsay Huff

    Director of Marketing

    Creative Queen.
  • Ann Marie Wetherington

    Director of Compliance

    Business Bi-Linguist.
  • Jacki Beard

    Rockstar Recruiter

    EPM Fun Police.

Cary Rosenblum

Our Chief Executive Officer leads the team with the calm assurance and mellow vibe of a Dave Mathew’s bass line. Pairing the pride of a Georgia Bulldog with the Zen of a mountaintop monk, Cary oversees Investments, Affordable Housing Development, and Property Management for Elmington. As a co-founder of the company, he’s seen Elmington grow from two employees to more than 300 and knocks on wood daily for the opportunity to “get to work with people I actually want to work with.” Operational and financial goals, strategic growth plans, and investment opportunities are Cary’s prime focus and his day-to-day leadership bolsters the long-term success of the company. During his previous post as Vice President in Regions Bank’s Commercial Real Estate Group, he financed $500 million of transactions through debt and equity executions—and did so with the calm and fearlessness that marks his demeanor to this day. Seriously. The man fears nothing. Oh…except maybe squirrels. (Feel free to ask him about that.)

Ben Brewer

He could motivate Cruella DeVille to join PETA. No, seriously. While partner is his official title, he might more accurately be called Chief Motivational Officer at Elmington. Ben boasts a brain for business and a heart for inspiring greatness in his teammates. His you-can-do-it leadership was previously on display as Vice President in Regions Bank’s Commercial Real Estate Group where his team managed a $500 million portfolio. Co-founding Elmington Capital offered Ben a daily opportunity to inspire people to do their personal best, to raise the bar on exceptional performance. While his weekdays find him leading the company’s overall strategic development and corporate growth objectives, his free time is dictated by a passion for fly-fishing or just getting outside. For Ben, the work/life balance is a Win-Fin situation.

Kerri Davis

Financial planning? Risk Management? IT, HR, and tactical Operations oversight? No problem. Kerri is our resident overachiever. Her Nashville office is a far cry from her past post in Baghdad, Iraq. There, as Business Manager for a Department of State contractor, she handled the accounting for a multi-million dollar Department of State project, navigated the HR needs of 900 employees and served in weekly liaisons with Department of State Regional Security. Here, she commandeers budgeting, manages operational costs, implements internal controls, maintains personnel and corporate policies and plays evangelist for improving quality and innovation. Oh, and she’s a full-fledged lawyer to boot. Impressive? We think so.

Dan Ford

Known for his killer instincts, Dan’s history includes 13 years as the Director of Property Management for Freeman Webb Inc, where, the story goes, he raised the number of properties under management from 36 to 100. At Cornerstone Realty Income Trust, he managed 16,000 apartments (yup, 16 thousand) in 58 communities throughout the southeast. His renowned expertise and dulcet tones have rung out as a speaker for both the Multi-Family Executive’s Annual Conference and the National Apartment Association’s annual meeting. In his spare time he leaps tall buildings and saves damsels in distress. And by damsels we mean underserved properties and owners neglected by their current management companies.

Brad Cather

Technically, he’s K. Brad Cather CPM®, HCCP, SHCM, C.O.S.® But he’ll answer to "Brad." Thirty years of multi-family property management (and a souped-up Harley) led him to our doors. Along with the dizzying array of credentials following his name, he brings a career history as a Property Manager, District Manager, Group Manager for Hardaway Management Co., a seven-year post as Regional Director for National Realty Management, and owner of Lighthouse Property Management Group which boasted a varied portfolio of over 5,000 units of affordable, market rate and HUD assisted properties. When not in the office, you’ll find Brad hanging with his family (including 2 precious granddaughters) or revving his Harley across the picturesque back roads of Mt. Juliet, TN in his ongoing quest for a vroom with a view.

Brienn Klahn

Considering the constant stream of To Do’s bouncing across her desk, our primary accounting manager maintains a cool and calm demeanor that surprises everyone around her. From on-going cash reporting and preparing cash projections to monthly financial reports and service coordination, Brienn is our must-have, can’t-do-without, how-did-I-ever-live-without-her, go-to gal in the office. She graduated top of her class at Belmont University and is wicked smart to boot. But beneath the reserved façade, there’s a hurricane-force energy in her DNA, which keeps every task moving and every team member constantly wowed.

Jillian Anderson

Hailing straight outta southern Indiana, this seasoned sales veteran brings over 7 years of new construction and lease-up experience from the shores of California to the hills of Tennessee. With two years at AIMCO and five years at The Irvine Company, her Class A lease-up skills and level of polish are unmatched in Nashville – we’re willing to bet on it. And, we dare you to challenge her to a rap battle.

Lindsay Huff

When EPM decided to start an in-house creative agency, this gal stepped right up to the marketing plate. With brand designs ranging from southern belle sweet to high-brow, head spinning, city sleek, Lindsay leads her team with the expertise of a world series game winning head coach. She grew up in Nashville, attended Belmont University, knows more about the city than anyone on the team, and always knows exactly where to get the city’s best bites. Bonus.

Ann Marie Wetherington

When it comes to second languages, some people speak French. Others speak Klingon. Ann Marie speaks Compliance. And her fluency is astounding. As the Director of Compliance for our affordable property portfolio, she provides leadership for our compliance specialists and oversees the application and interpretation of IRS state rules and regulations. Prior to joining Elmington, she served as Compliance Coordinator for Tennessee Housing Development Agency. There, she spent eight years conducting reviews on affordable properties across the state (and picking up a distinctive southern twang that makes even Compliance-talk sound charming).

Jacki Beard

A native Nashvillian with a passion for rock and roll and excel spreadsheets, Jacki boasts over 20 years of property management experience ranging from leasing, to on-site management, to executive assistance at the corporate level. At Elmington, Jackie leads the charge for the secret behind it all – great talent and people – while keeping our corporate office motivated with Friday gift card giveaways and fun events.

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